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Underwater Construction and Marine Services to protect your vessel, jetty or marina; reducing your maintenance costs and hassle.

Keep your boat afloat when cleaning

Is boat slipping becoming more expensive and a bigger worry than it is worth? If you’re looking for a simple solution, it’s easy – leave your boat in the water! Use our marine trained commercial divers who come to you.

Our professional divers will save you time, money and hassle, leaving you more time to enjoy the perks of having a boat.

Hull cleaning is not all we do. Anchorage Marine Services specialise in:

Maintenance you can trust in three easy steps

Call to book with one of our team

Call our friendly team to secure a date for your in-water inspection.

In-water inspection, photos and report

Our divers undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your boat, providing you with a detailed report. Your custom report will include recommendations on maintenance and/or repairs appropriate for your boat or jetty. In-water photographs will be included at no extra cost.

Boat protection and ongoing care

On your approval, our team performs the recommended service/s. We then provide you with a full report of the completed works, including before and after photos, measurements, specifications, and ongoing care advice.
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Your Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
boat cleaning divers

Since 2008, our commercial divers have been working in marine operations. We have a professional background in mooring lines constructions, installations, jetty maintenance, underwater construction, scientific shark tracking and tagging, and coral research. To add to that, we also have over 20 years’ experience in building construction.

As you might guess, we know the waters well and have expertise when it comes to knowing what sea organisms that can surprisingly wreak havoc on your vessel.

Assisting boat owners all around the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, we can help you protect, maintain and thoroughly clean your prized in-water possessions, so you can keep them around for longer!

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